2012 NWFL Burger Tour Winner

Blue Dot

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The Coffee Cup


The Burger Tour remains dedicated to scouring Northwest Florida in search of the area’s the best burger.

We’ve made an effort to visit every spot our followers have recommended; bowling alleys, diners, five star restaurants and roadside stands.

Last week we sampled a burger from a dinner-only seafood restaurant.  So, this week we dropped in on a breakfast and lunch only spot in Downtown Pensacola; The Coffee Cup.

Several followers have told us how great the Coffee Cup burger is, so we had to check it out.

Bonefish Grill


It would be a tragedy if the best burger in Northwest Florida were at a CHAIN restaurant.

It would be even worse if the best burger in Pensacola were at a chain SEAFOOD restaurant that’s only open for dinner.

Potential tragedies aside, this Tour isn’t about restaurant size, hours of operation or primary menu items.

This Tour is about one thing; Beef. 

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