The Results

Our 2012 Tour Stops are listed below by highest score:

The Blue Dot
Tour Score: 8.80
Your Score: 8.17

Tour Score: 8.30
Your Score: 8.61

The Oval Office
Tour Score: 8.20
Your Score: 7.00

Bonefish Grill
Tour Score: 8.03
Your Score:

The Fish House
Tour Score: 8.01
Your Score: 6.40

The Tin Cow
Tour Score: 7.60
Your Score: 7.64

McGuire’s Irish Pub
Tour Score: 7.57
Your Score: 7.80

The Grand Marlin
Tour Score: 7.38
Your Score: 6.64

Five Sisters
Tour Score: 7.28
Your Score: 7.5

Tippy’s Tavern
Tour Score: 6.86
Your Score: 7.80

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Tour Score: 6.72
Your Score: 7.18

Tops Choice Hamburgers
Tour Score: 6.29
Your Score: 6.17

Tour Score: 6.03
Your Score: 6.5

Jerry’s Drive In
Tour Score: 5.73
Your Score: 6.0


To view the results from our 2009 tour click here.

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